Wells' Providence Great Pyrenees AKC Livestock Guardian Dogs and puppies
Wells' Providence Great Pyrenees AKC Livestock Guardian Dogs and puppies

Great Pyrenees Puppies For Sale

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Please contact us by email if you are interested in reserving a puppy

Each dog has a photo album on our Wells' Providence Facebook page

Health-Tested Parents for Healthier Puppies.

We take the health of our dogs and puppies VERY seriously. We are a participant in the OFA's CHIC Program (Canine Health Information Center), and encourage all breeders to health test their dogs. Though not part of the CHIC program for Great Pyrenees, we also perform the following tests to ensure that we are only breeding THE BEST Great Pyrenees this majestic breed has to offer:

                Degenerative Myelopathy [DM]

                Neuronal Degeneration [NDG]

Please contact us to discuss reserving a Pyr puppy.  If a litter is not yet born, we will place you on a To-Be-Notified list.  By being placed on our Waiting List, you will be notified of puppy arrival and deposits will be accepted at that time based on the number of puppies in the litter. Once the puppies are born, we encourage you to use PayPal to place your deposit. Please understand that deposits are non-refundable (if you make your puppy selection that means we are turning away other families for that litter). We only place our puppies in responsible homes and reserve the right to refuse sale if necessary. We offer a FIVE YEAR health guarantee and, to keep them out of shelters and rescue, we will always take back a puppy if for any reason the Buyer can no longer care for the puppy. Adding a Great Pyrenees to your family is a long term, serious commitment, so please do not take it lightly.

Puppy Deposits:
Deposit for a puppy is $500.00. This deposit is non-refundable and goes towards the purchase price. This deposit reserves your place on the Puppy Selection List. Deposit is to be made at time of puppy birth and a puppy selection number will be assigned to you once your deposit is received. Once we receive your deposit, your puppy purchase is solidified.

By placing a deposit you are agreeing to the terms in the Puppy Health Guarantee. We insist that all purchasers read and agree to the contract: Puppy Health Guarantee as well as read our Evaluating A Breeder page. There is a lot of great information on the About The Breed link so please review that page as well.

Puppy Selection:
All Great Pyrenees puppies are adorable fluff-balls! Many breeders will sell you a one week old puppy because of buyer's impulse however Size, Breeding traits, Livestock Guarding traits or Companion traits cannot be determined at birth, thus, Puppy Selection begins at 5 weeks of age after aptitude testing is complete. Too many Pyrs end up in shelters because the breeder did not make a concerted effort to evaluate the living dynamics with the puppy's temperament and just capitalized on buyer's impulse.

Some buyers want the "largest male", something that cannot be determined at birth. Some buyers are looking for a Livestock Guardian or Breeding Sire which require traits that do not emerge for several weeks. We spend many, many hours with our growing puppies, observing individual temperaments, conformation, livestock guardian traits and companion traits as they develop.
With a powerful working breed, it is very important to place the puppies in an environment where they will do best and we will work closely with you to help you select the right puppy. We place photos and videos of the puppies on our Facebook page as they grow.

Our pups range in price depending on the dogs mated to produce the litter.  Price will be listed on the available puppies page. The price includes Limited AKC Registration Full AKC Registration may be available to established and reputable Breeders, or Show homes that have extensive knowledge of this wonderful breed, at a different price. All of our puppies are micro-chipped before they go to their new homes with lifetime enrollment in AKC Reunite. We complete all of the registration to make it easier of you.

Order of Events:
1. Once puppies are born, we begin contacting names on the To-Be-Notified List. We will ask that you place your deposit at that time.
2. Once we receive your deposit, you will receive your assigned puppy selection number. Puppy selection is based on the order deposits are received.
3. Photos, or videos, of the puppies are posted weekly to our Facebook page to help you narrow down your choices.
4. Week 5 puppy selection begins. We will contact you and ask that you finalize your selection. We will send you our contract and ask that it be signed and returned with the final Puppy Purchase payment.
5. Week 6 we will begin to schedule transportation. You can come to the farm to pick up your puppy or we offer door-to-door delivery! We work very closely to accommodate your schedule as well as the schedule of the transporter. We strive to ensure a smooth transition.
6. Week 6-7 transportation is finalized. Transportation and associated costs are due and you will be invoiced via PayPal.
7. Week 7-8 puppies are examined by our Vet. Health Certificates, required for shipping, are issued.
8. Week 8-10 puppy pick-up and
9. For the rest of your puppy's life: We are here to help!

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Wells' Providence Great Pyrenees AKC Livestock Guardian Dogs and puppies
Wells' Providence Great Pyrenees AKC Livestock Guardian Dogs and puppies
Wells' Providence Great Pyrenees AKC Livestock Guardian Dogs and puppies
Wells Providence Great Pyrenees Puppies
Wells Providence Great Pyrenees Puppies for sale
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Wells' Providence Great Pyrenees AKC Livestock Guardian Dogs and puppies
Wells' Providence Great Pyrenees AKC Livestock Guardian Dogs and puppies