Did you know that you are endowed with an almost magical ability to shape your puppy's future? YOU have the power to change the outcome of his life by what you teach him in his first 12 weeks!
Puppy Culture DVD

They Way Of The Pack

by Brenda Negri  

Understanding and Living With Livestock Guardian Dogs

This book is invaluable for Pyr owners whether they are for Livestock Guardian Dogs or Family Guardians!

On Talking Terms With Dogs: Calming Signals by Turid Rugaas  

There are signals that dogs give each other -and humans- to communicate.  Knowing this information is vital in raising LGDs!

The New Complete Great Pyrenees (Hardcover)

Livestock Protection Dogs: Selection, Care and Training (Paperback)

To our knowledge, this is the only educational video about Livestock Guardian Dogs available today.

Training your Great Pyrenees Puppy to be a Livestock Guardian

There are procedures for introducing a new Livestock Guardian pup to the goat farm and into the goat herd.  We do not believe in the "hands off" theory that is the basis for many breeders.  I sought out an experienced LGD owner, Paula Lane, as a mentor to learn the correct way to raise Livestock Guardian Dogs and the very first link below details those methods.  I have also included her Dog Discipline page below...it is a MUST read!

If you talk to 10 different LGD owners you'll hear 10 different ways to raise a LGD.  My advice, read as much as you can and select what  works best for your  farm.  If you find yourself unsuccessful, try again.  As Paula would say, "There are very few failed livestock guardian dogs but many failed livestock guardian dog owners".   I hope, by providing all of these links, your success will equate to one less dog being surrendered to a shelter because "it didn't work out".

There are so many great resources for training your Pyr puppy to guard sheep, goats and poultry that I will not attempt to retype it all here but rather provide  you with the links to these great sites.  For training tips for a Family Guardian, please see the links at the bottom of our "About The Breed" page!