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Our breeding dogs are selected for EXCELLENT conformation, temperament and SUPERIOR genetics, intelligence and livestock guardian capabilities.  Our dogs descend from a long line of AKC Champions and have starred in the Disney movie Santa Paws 2.  Our reputation is important to us and we strive to add to the Great Pyrenees breed. We take  deep pride in providing you with a descendant of our Majestic lines. 

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We are a Breeder of Excellence, offering lifetime support to our puppy buyers.

Here is a sample of what our puppy buyers have to say:

*****  Wonderful breeder

This breeder raises beautiful dogs in a farm setting. No cages stacked on top of each other, it is NOT a puppy mill. The dogs and puppies are on an acreage and treated like the family they are. She manages the genetics to keep the true Great Pyrenees bloodline characteristics. You will not be disappointed in the photos, the website and Facebook page, the communication with the breeder, and most of all, the puppies. My puppy arrived safe a sound (not in a cage) but from a transporter that cares about the pups. She is truly a specimen to behold. I highly recommend this breeder to anyone who is willing to wait on the waiting list to get the BEST OF THE BEST Great Pyrenees.

Reviewer: Jeanne, August 8, 2016

*****  Soooo Thankful for Wells Providence
SO thankful for Well's Providence (WP)! We & our vet can see she is the strongest, sweetest, cutest & HEALTHIEST puppy we have ever seen. We knew our puppy before she was born and throughout her first 8 weeks as WP updated us with emails, FB photos & videos. I have come to call them family with how loving they are & knowing they only breed for the love of the breed & keeping the Great Pyrenees purebred, strong & healthy for generations to come. Sadly we had a puppy from someone else who promised us a puppy, but once we paid we received no info about our puppy until she was a couple days out to arrive at our door. She arrived ill and passed quickly. So for those of you who are unsure of who you are buying from, know that I have walked through your shoes & seen both sides. I PERSONALLY recommend WP puppies to EVERYONE I know & meet. You're in the best hands. Love, The Johnsons7, Aspen & Tundra

Reviewer: Bethany, August 8, 2016

*****  Most professional and loving breeder around!
Tina at Wells Providence is one of the most conscientious breeders that I have ever dealt with as well as one of the nicest, most loving 'pyrsons' around. We were on their puppy list for 10 months before we decided it was time to get a puppy and Tina helped us to select a puppy that fit our needs. Our little girl Meebo is exactly what we were looking for in a livestock guardian for our farm. Tina helped us with all sorts of questions we had and really sent us home well equipped for our new puppy. We are looking forward to a lifelong friendship with her and her family as we correspond about Meebo as she grows up! Wells Providence has excellent puppies and they take the time to place them into forever homes.

Reviewer: Kim, July 3, 2016

*****  Maggie Orris
We have had a wonderful experience with Wells' Providence. Tina is the most loving and nurturing breeder we have ever met. She does a fantastic job getting all of her puppies ready for there FOREVER homes. Our girl Maggie is doing fantastic, and we attribute that to the wonderful care she was given at Wells' Providence!! We continue to stay in touch with Tina and keep her updated on Maggie's development. We are 100% satisfied and have recommended Wells' Providence to our family and friends.
Karen, July 1, 2016

*****  Wonderful Experience
Tina is a wonderful person to work with and we would highly recommend her to anyone looking at the Great Pyrenees breed. This is the first time we've ever gotten a dog without physically seeing it first and this has been the best dog purchase experience we've ever had. From start to finish, Tina remained fully engaged with us and put great effort toward ensuring that the pup we received would be a good fit in our home. It was truly a pleasure working with Tina and she made the entire process enjoyable. We are extremely happy with the pup we received and could not have asked for a better overall experience.
Jenny, July 1, 2016

*****  Best Great Pyr Breeder! Highly Recommend!
We are 'over-the-moon' in LOVE with Lacey, our new 9-week-old Great Pyr puppy from Wells' Providence. Tina is truly phenomenal & dedicated to raising amazing pups! She answered all of our questions, whether by email, phone, or text, it also didn't matter when, day or night. She was always there. Her Facebook page & website are also amazing. Owners of her beautiful dogs are always proudly showing off on her page. You can see how much dedication & love she instills into each of her pups. It was neat for us to watch the transition from birth to the time Lacey arrived through weekly photos and videos. She arrived last week by a kind & caring transporter, Brandy. I was nervous about the journey she would have to endure from Missouri to Massachusetts. There were no issues at all. Lacey arrived happy, healthy, & full of pep. She is a joy as well as smart, sweet, & very well-adjusted for such a little pup. We cannot "Thank You" enough Tina!!!
Chris, April 27, 2016

*****  Amazing breeder - wonderful experience!
Wells' Providence was the definitely best choice when finding a breeder...hands down. She sent tons of pictures and videos when our puppy was growing during the first few months and always responded promptly and with knowledge on any question or concern. Our favorite quality about Tina/Wells' Providence was that she made my husband and I feel like family and that she treats ALL her dogs and puppies with so much LOVE!  Tina went and still goes above and beyond ! We love that we are now part of the Wells' Providence family!

Reviewer: Jen, April 26, 2016  

*****  Spring Litter from Lady & Sampson
Tina is AMAZING! she answers questions quickly, concisely and with genuine compassion. She sent us home with all the information, resources and back-up that we will need. Her love and care for her dogs is clearly evident. Expectations and process are clearly defined for application and purchase. Payment method is easy to use. I would (plan to) purchase another puppy from Tina. Our puppy is exactly what we wanted and fits perfectly with our family and life style. This was the best experience in purchasing a puppy ever!!  I would endorse and recommend Wells Providence 100%+. So thankful I found them. :-)

Reviewer: Ann, April 24, 2016

*****  2 time purchaser from Wells' Providence
I am not a breeder nor do I compete in competition. I just love the Great Pyrenees. I have made two purchases from Wells' Providence and have a 1yr old male and a 10 week old female. I have owned 7 Pyrenees over the years. I have 50 sheep I buy these dogs only for pleasure. Duke stays in the barn with the sheep. He is great guardian dog. Duke has a great personality for people. Duke is very healthy and the vet loves his look, posture, and bone structure. Izzy has been here two days. She is darling and never meets a stranger. She has been to the local vet and she says this is the best Pyrenees she has seen. She is 10 weeks and weighs 14 plus pounds. She loves people. I have only good things to say about Tina Wells and the way she treats buyers. Her website is full of great information. Her transporters are great. Tina Wells does not just sell you a dog and then say goodbye. She cares for the puppies that have made so many people happy. Gus Ross in Ohio

Reviewer: Gus, April 22, 2016

*****  Recent puppy purchase Osiris!!
This was the best buying experience I have ever had. Tina makes you feel like one of her family members from the start. Once your name becomes available for purchase she keeps you up to date every week on Facebook with pictures and sends out emails. She is very welcoming if you want to visit the puppies and meet the parents. When I visited she greeted me with a hug and showed me all around her beautiful farm. On pick up day she makes hour long appointments for every one who picks up their puppies. She provided a full folder of valuable information on puppy care all worming and shot records. I would highly recommend Tina to everyone I know, and even people I don't know, she made this experience very memorable. I have had Osiris for one week and he has transitioned to his new home without any difficulty. I am glad I chose Wells' Providence.

Reviewer: Melissa, April 22, 2016

*****  Puppy time
First and foremost. Tina has to be the most educated breeder I've ever dealt with. From first contact through puppy pick up was outstanding. Tina stayed in constant contact. The information she shares is priceless both her own knowledge and information via the Internet. Now, the best part. My puppy, Jefferson, was born on February 19, 2016. I received notice that day and weekly updates including photos and videos. Which made the 8 week wait seem excruciating long. When the day for pick up arrived Tina had worked with us ahead of time to schedule appointment time for any remaining questions and bonding time with Jefferson at his home. I have had several dogs in my life and first few nights were always sad for puppy and long for me. Jefferson never even whined in the least. Jefferson presents himself as the definition of Great Pyrenees. I would recommend Wells Providence to anyone looking for one.
Jeff, April 21, 2016

*****  Proud Pyrent! Thanks to Wells' Providence!
My family and I just recently purchased our very first Great Pyrenees puppy from Tina Wells @ Wells' Providence and I must say, we couldn't be happier with the outcome! We are truly pleased with our baby girl. Tina is one of the kindest, and most compassionate breeders I have ever met. She is more than just a reputable breeder, she is a great friend. I can honestly say if we ever decide on getting another Great Pyrenees puppy it will be from Tina! No questions asked! She is so passionate about this breed and it shows in all her puppies/dogs. I can promise you, you will not regret it. We are so pleased with our new pup. We are beyond blessed to have found/met Tina, and it is truly an honor to have a Great Pyrenees puppy from her and her family @ Wells' Providence.

Reviewer: Tara, April 21, 2016

***** Hands-down THE BEST!
I did 6 plus months of research before I found a breeder who truly put the mommy and puppies before the almighty dollar. Wells' Providence is the best hands down. The females are only bred a few times before they are retired to live on the family farm. We actually visited there and Tina and her husband are truly awesome people. Not only is she an RN but she also helps tend their self-sustaining farm. They have chickens and goats and such and their Great Pyrs are well adjusted and happy dogs who guard their charges with the utmost care and respect. Tina absolutely loves and adores every puppy she brings into this world and she also does in depth interviews with those she places her puppies. You can't go wrong with Wells' Providence!
Melissa, March 31, 2016

*****  Excellent Breeder!
We purchased a female Great Pyrenees puppy from Wells Providence and we couldn't be happier. Breeder Tina Wells is absolutely the best. She is very knowledgeable when it comes to this breed. I talked with her on several occasions and she always made me feel so comfortable. Tina always had time for me no matter what the question or concerns were. She matched us up perfectly to what we were looking for. I would highly recommend Tina at Wells Providence.  As far as the travel arrangements, they went so smoothly, Tina set everything up for us with her transporter and our little fur baby Amazing Grace was delivered right to our home. Tina's transporter was very nice.  I could go on and on about the greatness of Tina, her top quality dogs, her passion and especially her love for her dogs. She certainly goes above and beyond...Thank you Tina !!!

Reviewer: Robin, March 18, 2016

*****  Excellent Breeder! Highly Recommend!

Tina is a super star breeder! We purchased Ava from her and it was the best experience for our family. From day 1, Tina makes you feel like part of her family. She is warm, compassionate, dedicated and very professional. We spent many hours on the phone and I felt like I knew her my entire life!  With Tina, I knew we were in good hands and that we would be getting a happy, smart and healthy puppy.  Tina will always be there for matter what.  She was easy to reach and responds quickly to questions.  We were provided with lots of information about health, nutrition and training.  Every week she updated FB with tons pictures and a few videos.  It was a joy to watch the puppies grow and it made the time go by very quickly!  We live in Texas and our puppy was delivered to our door step.  Tina is the best breeder you will ever find and I am honored to be part of the Wells Providence family! Thanks a million Tina...for all that you do! We are so happy with Ava!

Reviewer: Lisa, March 18, 2016

*****  Highly recommend her puppies!
We brought our puppy home 3 weeks ago. Tina at Wells Providence is truly devoted to her dogs and this breed. Tina is very informed and genuinely treats all dogs as family. We visited her farm and met the dogs. From the day we decided we wanted a puppy she kept us informed and updated. Tina spends nights and hours with the litters. Takes pictures of puppies weekly. We couldn't be happier with our puppy, he is smart and has adjusted well. Would highly recommend her puppies to anyone.
Pam, March 16, 2016

*****  Would recommend Wells Providence to my Mom!

We couldn't have asked for a better experience while working with Tina Wells to try to find our Pyrenees puppy. We are so thankful that we found Wells Providence. Tina has such a wealth of knowledge and a passion for this breed. We started our search more than six months ago and feel so lucky we found her early on in our search. She was always available to answer questions and to provide helpful information throughout the whole process (even after we took our pup home). Our puppy Hope was instantly a great addition to our family. What a great temperament. No barking, easily crate trained and house broken. We would not do anything different if we had it to do over again, and we would highly recommend anyone looking for a Pyrenees pup to take the ride up to Missouri and visit Wells Providence... Thank you Tina!.

Reviewer: Greg, March 12, 2016

*****  Not just another Breeder

Wells' Providence provided by far the best experience we could have not only in providing us with a healthy, happy puppy, but in being available to answer any question or concerns we had. Tina Wells truly makes you feel like family through the whole experience. Our Grace arrived mostly potty trained, socialized and very happy. We were so thrilled with her that we arranged to get another puppy from Tina later in the year. But before that happened, Tina had to rehome one of Grace's sibling due to allergies in her original home and she reached out to the people who had purchased the siblings to try to find the best home for her. We jumped on the chance. Tina is not just another backyard breeder hoping to make a quick buck from her dogs. She has done tons of research on the breed which she passes along to the new puppy parents. She loves the breed and her dogs and it shows in everything she does. You can't go wrong getting your Great Pyrenees from Wells' Providence.

Reviewer: Mary, March 8, 2016

*****  Everything You Could Ever Want in a Breeder
Tina is amazing, and everyone is in love with our sweet girl, Gigi. Everything from finding Wells Providence online, to the first email, to bringing our puppy home went smoothly. We got to see photos of GiGi each week before pickup. She provided a ton of information on the breed including nutrition, vaccinations, spay/neuter advice and grooming. You won't find a breeder who cares more about her dogs and their well being throughout their lives. If you are looking for a Great Pyrenees to add to your family, you won't do any better.

Reviewer: Cari, March 8, 2016

*****  The Best GP Breeder you'll ever find!
I have used Great Pyrenees as guard dogs for my Alpacas and small livestock for over 15 years. They are extremely reliable and have an absolute intolerance of any predators. Over the years I have purchased 5 GPs. All from different breeders in Montana, Colorado, and Missouri. My 6th and latest purchase of a GP puppy was from Tina at Wells Providence. I have never experienced such a professional and reliable breeder! Her consistent updates of the puppies is unbelievable. Tina has a wealth of knowledge of GPs on everything from nutrition to health and training. She goes out of her way to insure you get the perfect match for the needs of the new owner.I have had my GP pup “Duke” for almost 2 weeks now and he is one big beautiful dog! He is very intelligent and is already showing that he was the perfect choice for me! I would highly recommend this breeder to anyone who is serious about purchasing a Great Pyrenees.

Reviewer: Jimmie, March 8, 2016

*****  Hands-Down the Best Purebred Breeder I've Ever Met
NOTHING compares to the professionalism, dedication, and care with which Wells' Providence provides. From the outset, Tina (who is a nurse herself) was compassionate, organized, and available during the process. As a buyer from another state, I was nervous not being able to visit the farm. My fears were unfounded. Through Tina's timely updates, responsiveness to calls and emails, we felt like family after the first week.  My vet reported Nala was 'superiorly bred' and 'immaculately cared for' after examining her and declared her perfect in every way! My vet has even asked for Tina's contact info for future parents. Best of all, the experience with Tina and Wells' Providence doesn't end with purchase and pick up....they encourage owners to stay in touch via FB and call her 24/7. Tina also provides an incredible guarantee on puppies she places...unheard of in today's cut-throat business. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE WELLS' PROVIDENCE!

Reviewer: Carrie, March 8, 2016

*****  My new livestock guardian

I LOVE this puppy!!! Only 2 days with Ned and I can already tell he's exactly the dog I was hoping for. He's sweet, mellow and feels right at home with the alpacas. My fat old lazy dog wants to play and my roaming hound wants to stay home. He's definitely a Mama's boy. Always by my feet. I'm anxious to make Chiengora yarn with his fuzz. A big thank you to Tina Wells and Wells Providence for this beautiful creature. Your love for these dogs is reflected in their awesome temperament. He's just what my alpacas and I needed. It'll be fun watching him grow. He's already huge!

Reviewer: Marvel, March 1, 2016

*****  Excellent Great Pyrenees Puppies!

Excellent Great Pyrenees Puppy breeder, resource and friend in Tina Wells and Wells' Providence!  I am so lucky and blessed to have this little fluff-ball, "Thunder" in my life.  He is now 12 weeks old and is doing great.  What a good dog, from the first day when I got him at 8 weeks, he was almost totally potty trained.  He already knew some basic commands, like sit etc.  The best thing about this is I know Tina Wells and Wells' Providence will always be there if I ever have questions or need help with my pooch throughout his whole life. She really cares about each and every one of these precious pups.  I applaud her puppy buying process, it really works to ensure each puppy goes to a good home.  I'm really glad I had the chance to meet her and her family at the farm.  I definitely recommend this Pyrenees breeder!  I hope you too can find your best friend!  Thank you Tina and Wells' Providence with all my heart!  I'm so happy with Thunder!

Reviewer: Laura, December 30, 2015

*****  Great Experience with Wells' Providence

As an experienced breeder of both Great Pyrenees and Basset Hounds, I can attest to the quality of puppy that Wells' Providence produces and the professionalism that Tina provides. Tina patiently guides you throughout the entire process of purchasing your perfect puppy. She continues to make herself available to help you throughout the life of your pup. I will be returning to purchase a future puppy from Wells' Providence.

Update 3/21/16:  We just purchased a second Great Pyrenees from Wells' Providence!

Reviewer: Denise, December 17, 2015

*****  Wonderful Experience Even More Wonderful Puppy

I highly recommend Tina Wells as a breeder. When we began looking we emailed approx 10 other breeders and decided on Wells Providence. From the very first moment of contact with her I knew that this was going to be the breeder for us. She answers ANY questions that you have with promptness and extreme detail. She does a wonderful job including you in the entire process and feel like your puppy to be is part of your family well before you ever pick them up. She posts weekly photo updates of the puppies and occasionally a video so you can see their personalities. She has a genuine concern and does her research before taking deposits from anyone wanting to ensure them good homes. We absolutely adore our Cedar and wouldn't do a thing different. We live in Atlanta GA so we did not get to visit the farm prior to purchase but we did drive to pick her up. We know exactly where will go if/when we ever add another furry child to our family.

Reviewer: Heather, December 13, 2015

*****  Wonderful Experience with Wells' Providence

Tina Wells is a knowledgeable and trustworthy breeder. She was in contact with us before our puppy, Royal, was born and continues to be a resource now that he is home. We visited Wells' Providence twice, and Tina was happy both times to welcome us to her home. It was so nice to meet Tina in person, and meet Royal's parents. My family and I are so happy with our puppy. He is a beautiful, sweet dog. I took him to our vet the day after arriving home with him, and he is a healthy boy. Thank you, Tina.

Reviewer: Janet, December 13, 2015

*****  The Best Puppy Buying Experience

This was by far the best experience. I searched 6 months for a breeder. I did not want a puppy mill breeder, I wanted someone who was very knowledgeable in her breed and who was very passionate in her dogs, I was also looking for someone who kept me informed on the growth of the puppy and who I can call at any time if need be. Tina Wells of Wells Providence was above and beyond anything I could have asked for.  She truly loves her Pyrs, they are so well taking care of, she keeps you up to date on everything, she sends weekly photos and video of the puppies so you can see how they are growing, she also sends you a lot of information on raising your puppy, and continues to do so even after you take your furry baby home which comes in very handy. She take care of the AKC registration, vaccinations, and micro chipping. Her puppies are BEAUTIFUL and so are her dogs. I highly recommend Tina she truly goes out of her way to make you feel comfortable. Thank You Tina your the BEST.

Reviewer: Rosanne, December 14, 2015

*****  An Amazing Puppy Buying Experience!

Tina is a top notch seller and our beautiful pup is beyond comparison. He is nothing but a joy and it's because of his fabulous breeder. Tina made contact with me from the moment he was born and we still talk on the phone. She has to be the most reputable, trustworthy breeder I have ever dealt with and she's extremely helpful with just about anything you can possibly think of. She's extremely transparent, and if you ask her a question, she'll answer it, simple as that. Tina is a breeder that can be trusted. You will not go wrong getting your puppy from her.

Update 3/1/16: We just purchased our second Pyr from Wells' Providence!

Reviewer: Alison, December 13, 2015

*****  Couldn't ask for more. Highly Recommend!!

As the review title says.....we couldn't have asked for more. From day 1 Wells' Providence (Tina) has been nothing but caring, informative, and provide nothing but the best service. For us AND the puppies. Kept in very close contact throughout the entire process. Most ALL emails or messages were returned within 1 day and almost ALL were within a few hours if not minutes! Updated pictures weekly of your pup and sometimes even a video. I feel they truly love their pups and what they do. They take the best care of their furbabies and made sure that you leave with no questions. They take care of the AKC registration, first vaccinations, microchipping if you like, and perform the PAT test. They're not out to make a quick puppy sale, she made sure to get an application and "vet" the new possible owners. It wasn't all about the money. Can't recommend enough!

Reviewer: David, December 6, 2015

*****  Lita

I recently completed my purchase of Lita from Tina at Well's Providence. It was a wonderful experience from start to finish (delivery). I valued the time and effort Tina put in to keeping me informed every step of the way. Lita arrived healthy, happy, and exactly as represented. She has proven herself to be smart and adaptable. The links on the website have really helped to increase my knowledge about the breed and especially the process of testing their temperament. I feel Tina eliminated as much "chance" as possible in insuring that Lita would be the puppy for me. I recommend Wells' Providence as a highly knowledgeable and ethical breeder. 

Reviewer: Lisa, August 17, 2015  

*****  Best experience
We recently adopted a puppy from Wells Providence. Best experience I've ever had adopting a puppy. Wells Providence is very knowledgeable with the breed and has informative links on the website to help raise the pups in the best manner. Tina was in constant communication with us from the moment the babies were born. Through her Facebook, we watched them grow so by the time we picked up our baby we already knew her. Tina works with her 'Pyr parents' to help them bring home the perfect puppy. She works with the pups early in housetraining. It made it so much less stressful on our baby in her new home. Tina is a warm, loving woman who has as much commitment to the adoptive parents as to her Pyrenees. We brought home a beautiful, healthy perfect Pyr. Our future Pyrs, as well as our daughter's will come from Wells Providence.
Veronica, July 31, 2015

*****  Lila

I just purchased Lila from Tina Wells/Wells Providence and it was and continues to be a perfect experience. I had been following the Wells Providence Facebook page for months and knew this is where I wanted to purchase my next Great Pyrenees. Tons of photos, puppy updates, great communication and lots of love! Tina goes over and above what you would expect from a responsible breeder. Lila was transported from MO to PA in perfect condition couldn't ask for more. I have one beautiful, smart, happy puppy! Thank you Tina!
Donna, July 28, 2015

*****  Wells' Providence Georgia
We just recently purchased Georgia from Tina Wells and we are beyond pleased with how everything turned out! We picked up Georgia at 8 weeks and she was pretty much potty trained because of how Tina cares for and works with her puppies. Georgia has the best temperament and is great with our 4 little kids. She isn't startled by new noises . We couldn't have asked for a better puppy and breeder! Wells' Providence is highly recommended by me!
Lacey, July 27, 2015

*****  Simply the Best!
I had only ever gotten a dog from a shelter, but decided since we wanted a Great Pyrenees puppy, we would seek a breeder. I was hesitant, as most of the stories we hear about breeders, are not good. I found Wells' Providence on After reading reviews and looking at their sites, I became very hopeful we had found our breeder. The only problem was, they are in Missouri and we are in Texas. I continued to look for other breeders close by, however kept coming back to Wells Providence. I finally contacted Tina and knew after corresponding with her, that I wouldn't go anywhere else. The love she has for her dogs and other animals is apparent! Tina treated us like family. She was in constant communication with me through the entire process and has continued to be (whenever I have had any questions) since we brought our Sky home. I truly believe she has made me a better pet owner with all of the knowledge she has shared. Wells' Providence is simply the best!!!
Shana, July 27, 2015

*****  Apollo
While searching many websites for a Great Pyrenees puppy I came across Wells' Providence. I contacted Tina via email in my interest for a Great Pyrenees puppy. Tina went out of her way to answer all my questions concerning the breed. I found Tina to be a responsible breeder and kept me updated whenever I emailed her for information. When I picked up Apollo from Tina, she answered all my questions and her insight on the breed was exceptional. Tina had a package ready for me to take home and told me to call or email her if I had questions. I found Tina to be exceptional and would recommend her to anybody interested in a Great Pyrenees puppy.
Tony, July 27, 2015  

*****  Perfect Puppies!!!
I recently bought a Great Pyrenees puppy from Wells' Providence and he is just perfect! Tina took great care to assure a safe passage for the little guy all the way to Maine from MO!! I would HIGHLY recommend this breeder!!!!
Celeste A, May 19, 2015 

*****  Pyr-fect Puppy!
I started talking to the owner, Tina Wells, right at the one year mark since we lost our big Sal. I told her I wasn't quite ready yet and she told me when I was, she would find me the pyr-fect puppy. She did! Because I had some health issues, I was unable to pick our Bruno up as scheduled. Tina couldn't have been more accommodating! She took great care and spoiled him rotten! Bruno is the most well-adjusted, sweetest, smartest and all around Pyr-fect puppy! Bruno is everything Tina promised us and more! Bruno's sire is Sampson and we also met him. Sampson is a lovely, sweet and loving dog, a true gentle giant! Lady is sweet, gentle and just a beauty. Their puppies will be amazing! If you are looking for a Great Pyrenees, this is the breeder I would recommend. Mary Schillaci
Mary, May 17, 2015  

*****  My Great Pyr!
Wow where to start, we have been on Tina’s waiting list for a while. Received the call we had been waiting for. Tina and her family made us feel at home, calling and emailing with all the important information, including where to stay overnight. They were very thorough and patient with us as we are first time owners. Met our puppy’s parents, and the rest of the gang. And yes we may have to have another (just can’t have one). The farm is absolutely beautiful, goats and chickens, etc. Tina provided us with all the paper work, taking time to explain everything and answer all our questions. Would recommend them to everyone, they truly love their animals
Terry, May 12, 2015 

*****  Couldn't be HAPPIER with this breeder or our puppy
I visited 3 different breeders before I found Providence. I knew the instant I met Tina & her dogs that my search for the perfect breeder was over. All of her Pyrs are beautiful, sweet-natured & huge! The dogs are well kept & it's obvious how much is put into their care. They were truly awesome. When I visited, this elegant Pyr mama approached & I was awestruck by her beauty then Sampson approached & I was simply amazed at his size & sweet nature. Our puppy is healthy, happy & settled right in AND is already POTTY TRAINED! Thank you Tina for being so good at what you do. You have blessed us beyond belief. The Thomases
Lindsay, May 4, 2015 

*****  Wells' Providence Dakota
While searching for a pup I came across Tina and that was my last phone call. Tina was clearly a responsible breeder, carefully helping to match each puppy with the right family. Her love for the breed is clear and she is a responsible breeder. And rather than fly little puppies to their new home - just the idea of that made us nervous - she uses a courier service so the pups are lovingly cared for right to your doorstep. Dakota is a very sweet, smart and well adjusted puppy. We were able to track her progress online so it felt like she was part of the family well before she arrived. I would highly recommend Wells' Providence to anyone who is looking to bring a Great Pyrenees into their family.
Ann, April 25, 2015  

*****  Shania

Shay is doing great and she already sits when asked - we trained with ice cubes, which she loves.  She has had her first visit with her vet.  She is 100% healthy and everyone was ooing and awing over her.  When we explained our process in getting her the Vet was very impressed with you as a breeder, something we already knew but thought you would like to hear.  Shay is growing in size and personality.  Honest to Pete! I am addicted to this dog!  She is the cutest, sweetest thing EVER until her little horns come out haha. But seriously you guys do a wonderful job raising these pups. This is the fourth one in our family since I was little and she is the BEST!.
Samantha & Deb

*****  Chewbacca
We are crazy, crazy in love with Chewy!  We could never have asked more from a dog.  Truly.  We attribute his amazing disposition and confidence and loving nature to all that you have done to ensure that his genetics and heritage have been of the utmost standard.  There's no way we could have anticipated how amazing he would be.  He's completely house trained, from the first night he arrived and is so mellow, easy going and loving.  The kids love on him and he is so happy with all of their hugs.  The vet was full of praise on his good health and amazing disposition.  Thank you, thank you Tina for alllll that you have done for him and us.  I will keep sending pictures your way.
Much love -
Natalie and George Clements Ruthie, George and Townes

*****  Wells' Providence's Sadie
I recently purchased a puppy from Wells' Providence and could not be happier with my experience. I was able to go see the puppy (Sadie) before she was able to go home. Tina takes wonderful care of all the babies! She is very knowledgeable about the breed and the care for them. She kept me VERY well informed and up to date during the entire process. She keeps weekly pictures of the puppies so you can track their growth and progress. You can tell when working with Tina that she loves her dogs and puppies very much and has their very best interest at heart. I would highly recommend Wells' Providence to anyone who is looking for a Great Pyrenees. Our Sadie is a big girl and very healthy. She has a very loving & sweet disposition, very smart and is learning things quickly also. I would definitely use them again in the future.
Malinda, April 17, 2015  

*****  Our puppy Beaumont 'aka' Timber
Searching for the pyrfect puppy was really scary for me - after reading reviews and talking to Tina I felt assured she was the ONLY phone call I was going to make. Tina is truly passionate about her love of her animals. The weekly photos and videos were a joy to watch over and over again - by selection time we were a little nervous because we were the 'last deposit' on a male we ended up getting our first choice puppy - so the selection process really does work, - we felt like we knew every single puppy in the videos and fell in love with all of them:)!!! We had our puppy delivered by Tina's recommended transporter nd she kept us informed approximate delivery time - he arrived well socialized, gentle, yet a lot of spunk - We LOVE our baby so much!!!
Elizabeth, April 5, 2015

*****  What a caring, informative, excellent breeder
What a caring, informative, excellent breeder At Wells Providence! We received a male puppy that came to us by transport that was arranged through our breeder. Our breeder was informative and always right there through the process of deciding the best puppy for our family. Our puppy is healthy and wonderful and we are doing everything right by him down to the proper food required for his breed due to the wonderful coaching and teaching we received by this breeder. If you have researched the Great Pyrenees breed and feel it's the dog for you I highly recommend this breeder! Thank you Wells Providence Farm for creating our puppy in such a loving environment!
Kim, April 4, 2015  

*****  Thank Goodness
This is not our first Great Pyrenees puppy. Finding a puppy online was scary for us. After seeing Tina's pups on PuppyFind I called to talk to her. We had an hour-long conversation about Pyrs and after just several minutes I was sure we found the right breeder. Tina was clearly interviewing me too. Her love for her dogs is apparent. She obviously takes the time to do research and apply her wealth of knowledge to breed beautiful, smart, healthy puppies. Tedi came to us after we waited 6 weeks for her to reach 2 months old, but we were able to watch her grow with weekly Facebook pictures and videos where Tina would describe her thoughts on feeding and raising her babies. Tedi was also 90% potty trained when she arrived. Tina uses a training method that starts at 3 weeks. Tedi was delivered to our house by a caring transportation man. Tedi was worth the wait. She is beautiful, has a wonderful temperament, and is in perfect health. Thank goodness we found Tina and her Pyrs.
Denise, April 4, 2015 

*****  Puppy love from Missouri to South Texas
I spent many hours searching for a breeder that bred quality Great Pyrenees puppies. When I spoke with Tina, I knew that I had found the right one. She was informative and kind. She spoke of her love for the breed and the focus she has on breeding and raising a healthy pup. Her Facebook page is filled with information, videos and photos. I felt sure that buying a pup from Tina would be a positive experience. Plus, even though I live in South Texas, my pup would be hand-delivered to me when she turned 8 weeks old. She was placed in my arms last Saturday by a kind and caring gentleman who "cares more for the pups than he does himself". Mia was born at the end of January. I was able to follow her growth from birth to her arrival at my home with weekly videos and photos. Tina is a great communicator and very responsible breeder. It was a wonderful experience and my sweet Mia is lovely!
Joanne, April 3, 2015  

*****  Loving Michonne
We were a little nervous about purchasing a puppy on-line. However, Tina was readily available to us even before we made any commitment to her. Tina has answered all questions thoroughly and patiently. It is obvious from the first moment you talk to Tina how dedicated she is to her Pyrs. It’s easy to see her passion, and with that comes caring that is unique. One of the special touches she provides is the weekly photo and/or video updates of each puppy. We now have a complete album of our Michonne from day 2 until now. We have a sense that we have been a part of her life from the very beginning. Tina is committed to being available to new Pyr families long after they go home. Tina does a remarkable job keeping up with the latest research for Pyrs and continually posts this information for all. If you are looking for a very personal journey from day one, even if you are hundreds of miles away, Well's Providence is the pyrfect place.
Tonia, April 3, 2015  

*****  Great puppy! Responsible breeder!
I could have easily bought a Great Pyrenees puppy locally, but I was so impressed with Tina and her dogs that I decided to buy a puppy long distance. Tina makes the whole experience so easy and enjoyable. She posts photos and videos of the puppies on a regular basis. The puppies are evaluated to see which ones have the best potential for livestock guardians, and which ones may be better family guardians. Tina is a very knowledgeable and responsible breeder, and I am very thankful for the opportunity to own one of her fabulous puppies!
Robin, January 28, 2015 

*****  Wells Providence is 5 stars across the board!
This review will pertain mostly to Well's Providence. If you are reading this review I hope you have already read extensively about the breed. If you haven't, please do so now.
Our experience working with Tina not only met our expectations, she blew us away at how involved she was throughout the entire process. Tina goes above and beyond. Ellie and Lady both were expecting pups, the total count of available puppies was 20. Now, that is 20 different new families she was communicating with. I don't know how she did it but, she literally made us feel that we were the only family she was working with. Not only did she help us figure out how to get Alyeska (our wonderful pyr) safely to Alaska. Yes, you read that correctly Alaska, it was quite the journey for our beautiful baby. She introduced the crate to Alyeska and worked with her going in and out. Tina always let us know what was going on and how the puppies were doing. Every week there was updated photos on the Facebook page. She also would upload a couple videos. Being that our family is from Alaska, buying anything over the internet can bring anxiety because there is a lot of 'unknowns'. Well rest assured with Well's Providence. I know that Tina and her loving family treated every dog and puppy on the farm with so much love. There isn't one negative about Well's Providence. So far our Alyeska is so well tempered and is an absolute snuggle bug. She is a wonderful addition to our family. We plan on using Tina again in the future. Thanks for reading and hope it helped you decide to go with Well's Providence.
Maddy, Jan 26, 2015

*****  Best Experience and wonderful friend
Tina Wells is the most professional and caring breeder that we have ever dealt with. We were lucky enough to have Oso delivered to our home right before Christmas 2014. She is a caring, sweet and beautiful Pyrenees. Oso is our 2nd Pyrenees who we had hoped would be friends with our existing 9 year old Pyrenees. We made the right decision. Tina walked us through the process step by step and made selecting our new family member seamless all the way to delivery. There is no doubt that Tina cares for her little ones just as much as the new families who adopt her children. Thank you Tina, we know that you are exactly the type of person and breeder that makes confidence in selecting a new friend so much easier. I and my wife can't say enough good things about Tina and hope that she feels confident that the family she sent her little baby to is deserving of a new home.
David, January 27, 2015 

*****  Love our Julia
Was such an excellent experience purchasing Julia. Being 18hours away from her we felt as though we were right there choosing her. Wells' Providence did an excellent job guiding us through the process of getting Julia into her forever home. If you have any doubt purchasing a puppy far away, have no doubt with Wells' Providence. They made us feel comfortable and in doing so, now so is Julia!!!! Thank You so much The Gulyas

Update 3/17/16: We just purchased our second Pyr from Wells' Providence!
Michael, January 26, 2015  

*****  A trustworthy and dedicated breeder
I recently acquired my second pet dog, Maverick, from Tina Wells and my experience from the very beginning has been fabulous. She definitely provides only the highest quality of breeds and her dedication to her craft is enough reassurance that I am getting no less than the best. I trust her judgment and honesty 100% that I leave her the decision to choose the puppy that will best match my preferences. Not only does she takes the best care of her puppies but she also makes sure that her clients get utmost satisfaction as regards quality, price and punctual delivery. In as far as my experience transacting with Tina Wells is concerned, she absolutely has my highest recommendation to all pet lovers.
Ramir, January 21, 2015  

*****  A breeder with integrity and awesome dogs
We purchased our second Great Pyrenees from Tina after our first Wells Providence Great Pyrenees grew into a excellent guardian. We needed another livestock guardian for our 20 acre ranch and knew exactly where to buy again. We had to wait a year to get Thor but he was worth the wait. Tina kept us updated from the moment our puppy was born until he came home to us. Both of our dogs are smart, beautiful and HUGE! They are both confident and display true guardian instincts that are needed for our heavy predator load. Just talking to Tina it is evident that she is devoted to her dogs and raising dogs with superior temperament and genetics. We would recommend this breeder to anybody who only wants the best of the best!
Jim, January 14, 2015 

*****  Best of the Best!
As an A type person like myself might do, I spent countless of hours, days, and weeks looking for the "right breeder." I couldn't have been more pleased with Tina. Her website is not only very detailed answering almost all questions I had, but would answer every one of my countless emails very thoroughly. I have the sweetest most beautiful male puppy. I've had him almost 4 weeks and I'm in love. He is so smart and has the sweetest personality. I will only use Wells' Providence and would recommend to anyone looking for the best, most reliable, and who truly has a passion and love for her dogs. I know at any point over the lifespan of my dog I can contact her with any questions that might arise. She eased every worry I had about buying from a breeder out of state. More than pleased!
Jacqueline, January 6, 2015  

*****  Zola is our Christmas Angel!!!!
I did a lot of research on my own about the breed but Tina was able to reassure me that a Great Pyrenees would be the right fit for my daughter and I. Our first conversation was over an hour and I felt like I could trust Tina immediately. She definitely knows what she is talking about and I believe truly cares about each and every puppy that leaves her home. Zola was the perfect Christmas present for my 7 yr old daughter. Zola has a sweet disposition and is GORGEOUS! She will be my daughter's life long buddy I'm sure. During the whole process Tina kept us up to date and we got to see lots of pictures. It made the wait not so bad. I truly feel like Tina is doing God's work. These puppies go on to serve great purposes whether it be as a working dog or a family companion. If I ever get another puppy I would only get one from Wells Providence. I consider Tina a friend now and will stay in contact with her forever.
Gina, January 6, 2015 

*****  Excellent
I recently bought a Great Pyrenees puppy from Tina at Wells Providence. Tina quickly put my worries to rest about buying a puppy from an out of state breeder so far away. Tina is very knowledgeable and takes such loving care of the puppies and all her animals. I take such comfort in knowing she will always be there if I ever need her. Tina took the time to answer all my questions thoroughly and always got back to me quickly. The whole process was easy and it was just like dealing with a friend. You can tell how much she loves her animals by the amount of time and effort she puts into photographing and posting the puppies’ development for us to see while we were anxiously waiting for our puppies to come home to us. I now have a gorgeous, smart puppy with the sweetest personality and we couldn’t be happier. I would not hesitate to recommend Tina at Wells Providence. Thank you Tina!
Cheryl, January 6, 2015  

*****  Our Great Pyr
We purchased our beautiful boy from Tina at Wells Providence. Olaf was 8 weeks old when we picked him up. We've had him about 3 1/2 weeks now. Olaf saw our Vet right away and was given a very clean bill of health. And he's our new baby. Growing like a storm but I guess that's expected!!  Tina was there for us before and after the purchase for any advice or information we needed. Thanks Tina Wells Sandy and Kevin Arnold and Olaf too!
Sandy, January 6, 2015  

*****  Adopted a puppy and made a friend for life! 
It was nice to be able to watch our puppy online until it was time to pick her up on December 13, 2014. Tina was always updating the website with pictures and videos and she knew all the puppies by name. We luckily got our first choice -- Elsa. Everything was handled professionally but also very friendly as if we've known Tina forever. She knows this breed inside and out and probably loves the breed more!
Peggy, December 28, 2014  

*****  Adopted a puppy on Dec 11, 2014
We recently (12/14) purchased a Great Pyrenees puppy from Wells Providence. From our 1st email to picking up the puppy, I was amazed at the friendly, informative, and caring nature of these sellers. My emails were responded to within the next hour and the information and clarity were great. Tina constantly provided updates (with lots of pictures & videos) of the puppies on their amazing facebook page. When we picked up our puppy, she spent time with us going over typical puppy habits for this breed, allowing us to interact with the momma, etc. It was evident that these puppies were cared for (as part of their family) and played with often as their interaction with people and other animals was outstanding! Our puppy has acclimated to our family better than any other puppy we've had. We couldn't be happier and are thrilled that we purchased a puppy from Wells Providence. We would definitely contact them again should we decided that three 100+ lb dogs in our house is 'do-able.'
Heather, December 18, 2014  

*****  My puppy purchase as a whole has been wonderful!
I have been searching for a Great Pyrenees for a longtime. After speaking with Tina I knew my search had come to an end. My puppy purchase as a whole has been a wonderful experience. I am even more convinced following my new arrival. I am very pleased with the quality and temperament of my puppy. It shows that Tina wants only the best for her breeding program from the beginning to the end. :) Gena :)
Gena, July 4, 2014  

*****  My next wonderful Gentle Giant.
Recently I had to say Goodbye to the best dog I have ever owned, Ranger a rescued Great Pyrenees who I loved for over 10yrs. In the midst of the heartache my dear husband found Wells' Providence. The rest is history. I have my next wonderful gentle giant, Ruger. Although I can't expect a duplicate of Ranger, I'm confident we have come very close. Ruger has the traits and disposition I need in a guardian dog. The experience was excellent. Tina is accurate and trustworthy, not to mention a great resource. I would highly recommend Wells' Providence Pyrenees to anyone. Thank you Tina!
 Linda, July 3, 2014  

*****  Outstanding Puppy and Breeder!
I have been searching for 18 months for the correct Great Pyr puppy. I had driven many miles only to come home empty handed. Then I found Tina Wells puppies! I feel blessed to have found such big, strong, smart, correct, alpha puppy that I had dreamed of. He is more than I expected. We are so happy with him. Tina went out of her way to help and calmed us when we were nervous. She made a special point to put my husband’s name and 'Happy Birthday' on our puppy picture. The transporter was fabulous about keeping in touch with us and it all went off without a hitch. All paperwork was correct for our vet. Tina included feeding information that taught us about puppy food and the reasons why to use certain food. Thank you Tina!
Tina, July 3, 2014  

*****  Fabulous puppy
We were looking for a Pyr to guard our poultry flock and be a family pet for us in upstate New York. Championships and conformation were not our focus, because some breeders we checked out were breeding good looking dogs who's temperament would not have worked for our needs. Tina carefully selected animals who are gorgeous examples of the breed, as well as temperaments suited to farm work and family life. I knew from the first time I visited Wells' Providence that these dogs were that perfect blend. Tina Wells takes such loving care of these puppies that by the time we picked up our puppy at 8 weeks, he was curious, secure, confident, and people oriented. We could not be more pleased. I would not hesitate to recommend Wells' Providence to anyone looking for a superior Pyr!
Kate, June 29, 2014  

*****  Purchase of Great Pyrenees Puppy
I cannot explain how wonderful of an experience my family and I had with Tina and her family at Wells Providence! I would strongly recommend this breeder to anyone that I know. They treat their animals with love and kindness as any owner should. And they treated me as I was one of their own family members. Our Roxy is a well behaved, loving, beautiful puppy. She is our second Great Pyrenees and we can already tell that she is going to be a wonderful family dog. Thanks again to Tina for everything!
Justine, June 26, 2014    

*****  Our Queenie
We could not have asked for a better puppy adopting experience than we had with Tina and Wells' Providence Farm. From the beginning, Tina was more than helpful, speaking with me regarding which puppy might be the best fit for our family and helping us with the process. Once we decided on a girl, Tina was extremely flexible and went out of her way with helping get our beloved Queenie to us. Queenie has been an amazing dog for us. Loving and gentle with us and our children. At the same time, she lets me know if an unfamiliar car pulls in our driveway, giving us a sense of security. Her transition to our home was seamless as well. We could not imagine our lives without her now. Simply said, we have an amazing dog bred from an amazing family. We could not have been happier with our experience and are so grateful to Wells' Providence for all of their help and for Queenie!

Reviewer: Seja Brumley, May 22, 2013