Puppy Waiting List Information

Many times our puppies are spoken for before they are born so please email us if you would like to be placed on the current Waiting List.

Our breeding dogs are selected for excellent conformation, temperament and superior genetics, intelligence and livestock guardian capabilities. Our dogs descend from a long line of AKC Champions and have starred in the Disney movie Santa Paws 2. Our reputation is important to us and we strive to add to the Great Pyrenees breed. We take deep pride in providing you with a descendant of our Majestic lines.

Waiting List:  Purchaser has contacted us with interest in the upcoming litter and will be placed on a list to be notified of birth. Deposit is due once puppies are born. Purchasers receive selection based on order deposits are received.

Only Mother Nature knows how many male and female puppies will arrive and we do not want to take a deposit unless we can ensure you are going to get the puppy you desire (male/female). Interested buyers should contact us to be placed on the Waiting List. We keep a Waiting List and contact families in the same order as they have contacted us regarding a puppy. Once puppies are born we start contacting the names on the list to confirm whether they still want a puppy before we move to the next family on the list. If you are on our Waiting List and are still wanting a puppy from this litter, we will notify you once the puppies are born and ask that you place a puppy deposit via PayPal  at that time. Placing a deposit is the only way you can be sure you will get a puppy from a particular litter.

You need to know that deposits are non-refundable so, when placing a deposit, you will first need to be sure that this is what you want to do. By placing a deposit you are agreeing to the terms in the Puppy Health Guarantee. We insist that all purchasers read and agree to the Puppy Health Guarantee as well as read our Evaluating A Breeder page.

When you place a deposit, your puppy purchase has been solidified. Please keep in mind that the puppy selection order is done in relation to who has placed a deposit. At the time of your deposit, you will be asked the desired gender of your puppy and the desired purpose of your puppy (Livestock Guardian or Show). Based upon when your deposit is received, you will be assigned your number in the puppy selection process based on the number of female and male puppies in the litter.

Once the puppies are born, we will post photos for all who have placed deposits to view. We ask that you view all puppies and begin to narrow your choices. When the puppy selection process begins, purchasers who have placed a deposit will be asked to finalize their selection within three days. Puppy selection order is done in relation to who has placed a deposit. The remaining balance of the puppy purchase is due when the puppy is selected and you will be emailed an invoice. If the remaining puppy purchase balance is not paid within seven days, the deposit is then forfeited, and the puppy will be offered to another family.

By sending a deposit you are contracting to purchase and are agreeing to the terms in the Puppy Health Guarantee. Puppy deposits are non-refundable so only submit a deposit if you are sure you want a puppy.