Lady's Animal Planet shoot took place at Denise's home in California.
Lady stayed with Denise during the filming as it required 6 different shoots over a period of 3 months!
Lady: Animal Planet's "Too Cute" episode

Another great video featuring Lady and her puppies:

Lady's sire, Zeus, had the starring role of "Santa Paws" in the Disney movie Santa Buddies. Zeus and his puppies, including our Lady, have starred in the sequels "The Search For Santa Paws" and "Santa Paws 2". Bred by Denise Gotleib of California, Freedom Farms has created numerous Disney pups. Lady also starred in Animal Planet's "Too Cute" which was filmed at Denise's home in California. Denise cared for our Lady while she was in California during the filming and I am eternally grateful for Denise. She is truly a wonderful person.  She has graciously provided me with photos of Lady's Animal Planet shoot as well as photos of Lady's sire and dam to share here on our website. Lady is now back home on the farm in Missouri where she gets to "just be a dog".  Lady has retired from her acting career and is growing old along with me.


Mrs. Paws of Disney's Santa Paws 2

Sire: Angel Gabriel "ZEUS"

Dam:  Penelope

Lady has numerous Champions in her pedigree including Karolaska, Bryn Mawr, Limberlost, Tip'N Chip, Huny MTN, Mon Amie & Winwood. 

Lady descends from the famous Quibbletown and Basquaerie  bloodlines.