Shipping is available at buyers expense.  The average cost to transport a puppy is $450 (ground) or $525 (air).  This is just an estimate so if you plan to have your puppy shipped, please contact me and I will verify current pricing.  I will assist you with setting up transportation to ensure a smooth transition for your new family member.

Pet transportation services are listed below. There are numerous companies available for this service, these are just the two that we have had great success using. These are a great services that will pick up a puppy directly from us and transport to the airport (Jet A Pet - They make all flight arrangements with the airline) or drive the puppy directly to your door (Mark Ships For You). Puppies must be 8 weeks old to travel via ground transportation and must be at least 10 weeks old to fly.

Transporting a pet is a huge responsibility and can entail certain risks. The companies listed below are on this website as a convenience to our puppy buyers. We urge anyone wishing to transport their puppy to investigate each of these companies thoroughly before deciding to contract with one of them. Just like shipping a puppy air cargo through a major airline, all transport of live animals comes with certain risks. Be diligent in doing your research for your new companion!

Remember, when you select another party to transport your new puppy, you will be entering into a contractual agreement with that party. We will not be a participant in that contract so any and all questions, or other forms of communication, must be directed to the company you have contracted with.

Mark Ships For You - Pet Transport Service - (Ground Courier Service - your puppy will have a personal attendant the entire route)

PetSafe by United Airlines - (Airport-to-airport travel for animals.  Airline Shipping Rates, Requirements and Restrictions)

Ozark Jet-A-Pet Transport Service - (Airline Courier Service - Airport-to-airport travel for animals)